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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My comment on the 'name' issue

Since when did the Catholic Church believe in Allah?

The argument brought by the Catholics of Malaysia are irrelevant and as such should not be entertained by the govt and its courts. The reason:

1. The Catholic Version of The Bible (how many versions do they have now?) The King James Version and The Authorised Version does not state Allah as being God's name. God is referred to as YHWH, YAHWEH and God in the bible. Only the Indonesian version replaces the word God or Tuhan in BM as Allah.

2. Allah is the name of the ONE GOD. The One God, Allah is not one who begets a child (ref: bible) He is ONE and he is OMNIPOTENT. He begets not and is not begotten... But in Catholicism, God has a child, not one but Three!!! (ref: Bible). Prove me wrong and I'll prove you wrong. Go ahead, read the Bible...

3. Their argument that the Arab Christians use the name Allah cannot be taken in consideration as the the Arab Christians and the Bibles referred to does not state TRINITY (in the original text, available in Egypt) as being the faith prescribed to.

4. So, what is the name of the God in Christianity? We all know that Isa (not Jesus or Yesus) was a hebrew and the Injeel (not the Bible) which contains only Gods words was written in Hebrew. The question is... WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL INJEEL? Nowhere to be seen right?

5. Christianity is NOT A RELIGION by itself, God never meant it to be that way, and the jesuits, and the padres, and the ministers of the church including the POPE know very well what I am stating here. (ref: Bible: I come not to change the laws of MOSES, I come but to confirm them) therefore, Christianity as it is now is something that has been cooked up by someone else.

6. The concept of TRINITY only appeared after the 'Council of Nicea' event which took place hundreds of years after Isa a.s.

7. My advice to Catholics is this - dont create another doctrine in your bible, the damage done to Isa's teachings has been so big that you simply cannot correct the wrong done.

8. The Bible has more than 30,000 mistakes!!!! How can Gods words have so much mistake. The Bible cannot be seen to be the word of God and as such the Catholics of Malaysia or all over the world for that matter DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO NAME GOD AS ALLAH OR TO CLAIM THE BIBLE AS BEING ALLAH'S WORD.

9. By accepting Allah to be GOD, the catholics must leave their religion and embrace Islam instead. Allah is the one god, omnipotent, he begets not and is not begotten. He has no son or daughter.

To use the term Allah is allowed, but to refer Allah as the catholic God is wrong. Because Catholics believe that Jesus is God's begotten son. To say Jesus is Allah's begotten son is BLASPHEMY.



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